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The Baltimore Sun

"Baltimore Bedazzled" by John John Williams IV, November 5th, 2010


Although Villedrouin is based in Washington, her work has been prominently featured in local jewelry store Bijoux. 
"It is a gift to make something that people wear;" said Villedrouin, who has worked in the jewelry business for the past 15 years.  "It becomes a talisman for them.  They become identified with it."
Villedrouin works mainly with 18 carat gold, pearls and colorful gemstones.
"It's easy to wear," she said.  It's feminine and contemporary to wear at the same time."
Villedrouin said her Daisy Brooch will be the signature piece of the collection she shows at the Walters.  The piece sells for $4,600. 
"It's an amazing brooch" she said of the piece, which features an orange moonstone center, with pink tourmalines and pearls that radiate out from the center.
"It's very bold, but lively at the same time.  It makes you stand taller and feel great when you wear it."
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