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Shepherd Park Newsletter

"Gold, Pearls, Gemstones: Medium that spoke to her" by Aziza Ayo Tichavakunda

Emma Villedrouin Jewelry is run by Shepherd Park’s Emma Villedrouin who created her business in 1999 and moved to Shepherd Park in 2002.  Emma Villedrouin does what she loves, makes others happy through her work, and manages to make a profit.  Of course, this path is never the easiest or the most straight forward.  After graduating from Tufts Univesity with degrees in English and Art History, Villedrouin still had not found what truly resonated with her.  She then applied to a state college for the arts (MassArt), where she dabbled with different mediums until she found metalsmithing.  As a metalsmith, she could create beautiful work that people loved.

Villedrouin loves her work and its impact on her customers, saying “Having people actually like my work and enjoy it; it's a blessing.”  Villedrouin wields hammers, saws, and a torch in order to create entrancing jewelry.  Originally from Haiti, Villedrouin appreciates Shepherd Park for its diverse community and old trees; this love of people and nature is reflected in her work.  When her clients sometimes bring her pieces that they inherited from family members, she is able to rework these pieces, change clasps, and restructure them according to specifications.  In this way, Villedrouin broadcasts the beauty of the original gemstones, effectively giving the jewelry a fresh look while honoring the people from whom the jewelry was received.  Most of Villedrouin’s work is created after she is inspired by a certain stone or pearl, and her creations often reflect botanical influences.

Always happy to meet more of her neighbors, Villedrouin holds spring and fall open houses that are open to all who notify her of their interest via email.  Villedrouin can be contacted through email at  For a breathtaking look at her jewelry, photographs of some of Villedrouin’s works can be found on her website:


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